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Goats: How did this happen?

I grew up in a rural community in east Texas. Animals were always a big part of my life. Mostly cats, dogs and horses - but I was also around livestock quite a bit. Cattle were the most common - but there were plenty of sheep and hogs around too. I actually raised hogs in junior high and high school through FFA (and cried every time one went to sale).

About 12 years ago my husband and I decided we'd had enough of the tract neighborhood lifestyle. We wanted our kids to grow up with animals and land and room to roam. We moved to Liberty Hill and onto 5 acres. Our neighbor had a handful of goats that we started to pet and feed through the shared fence.

After talking to my neighbor about the care involved, we decided to give goats a try.

Welcome Maggie and Joey, pygmy brother and sister. They were adorable, mischievous, entertaining and had more personality than any sheep, cow or hog I had ever been around. I kept them inside the house until they were 4 months old. Once they started jumping and I couldn't keep them off the table and counters - they went to the pasture full time.

The damage was done though - I was officially hooked on goats.

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