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Dwarf and Pygmy Goats: More Reasons to Love Them

There are over 300 breeds of goats. But the top 12 most common are usually bred for either meat or dairy production. Nigerian Dwarf and African Pygmy are both Dairy breeds. I selected this breed for my herd because they are smaller (easier for me to handle them) - and one day I would like to start a milking operation. My herd is primarily Nigerian Dwarf (a few 25% pygmy mixes).

Here are a few other reasons that a small herd of goats can be beneficial, even if you aren't milking or selling them for meat.

Land Management: Nature's Gardeners. They keep land trim and tidy and actually prefer weeds, brush and cedar bushes.

Pets: Goats appreciate attention and food. The will love you forever if you bring them their favorite snacks.

Enjoyment: Watching goats play together provides endless hours of entertainment.

Personality: Goats are curious and motivated problem solvers - absolute geniuses at getting into things and places they shouldn't be.

Low Maintenance: Daily goat care is minimal. They require fresh water and access to shelter and food. Annual vaccinations and occasional de-worming are about the only medical care required.

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